Selasa, 17 Jun 2008

'Future elections' : BN SILA BERI PERHATIAN

Future elections

Dr Baharuddin said "digital media warfare" and the preference of the younger generation should be given serious thought, particularly with the presence of 1.8 million fresh voters for the next election in 2012 or 2013.

Mobile TV and handphone networks are also expected to play a major role.

"We cannot deny that the digital divide still exists in the country, but we can no longer sweep aside the role of new media.

"During the Ijok and Machap by-elections, bloggers were already active but their impact was insignificant, unlike what happened during the 2008 general election," he said.

Barisan Nasional was at the receiving end as it failed to adequately address issues raised.

"For example, on Feb 13, newspaper front-page reports were not only on the dissolution of Parliament but also on judiciary issues," he said.

Dr Baharuddin said a weak approach did not clarify sensitive issues, causing the public to switch to reading blogs for further clarification, which ultimately had a detrimental effect on the ruling coalition.

The study Peranan dan Pengaruh Internet dan Kewartawanan Bloggers Terhadap Pengundi Semasa Pilihan Raya Umum Malaysia 2008 (The Role and Influence of the Internet and Journalistic Bloggers on Voters during the 2008 General Election) was conducted by Prof Madya Dr Baharuddin Aziz, Dr Rahmat Ghazali and Dr Abd Rasid Abd Rahman from Universiti Teknologi Mara's Communications and Media Studies Faculty.- Bernama

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